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Blue Ice 14″ Bicycle


Introducing the Blue Ice 14″ Bicycle: Unleash Refreshing Outdoor Adventures!

Elevate playtime with the Blue Ice 14″ Bicycle – a gateway to exciting outdoor journeys while embracing an air of style. This captivating bicycle promises not only a visually cool experience but also a thrilling ride. Watch as your child embarks on a pedalling escapade like no other with the Blue Ice 14″ Bicycle.

Immerse your child in the joy of play with the 14″ Bicycle, resplendent in shades of cool blue and black. Equipped with both a front calliper brake and a rear drum brake, safety meets excitement seamlessly. Pneumatic tires grace spoked wheels, accompanied by dependable mudguards. Stabilizers can easily be added or removed, ensuring a smooth progression as your young cyclist gains confidence.

Inclusivity is paramount, showcased through an adjustable saddle and handlebars – a perfect fit for any adventurer. Revel in the convenience of a rear drinks bottle holder, perfectly complemented by a front shield. This bicycle accommodates ages 4 to 6 years, catering to children with a height range of 100 to 110 cm.

Embark on an exhilarating journey as your child pedals through newfound adventures. The Blue Ice 14″ Bicycle promises a fusion of style, safety, and sheer exhilaration. Elevate playtime, and let the cool, refreshing moments unfurl with every turn of the wheel!

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