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Be Teens (Age 8+) – Embroidered Jewellery


Elevate your child’s creativity with the captivating “Be Teens (Age 8+) – Embroidered Jewellery.” This remarkable crafting set is a gateway to imaginative exploration and stylish self-expression for young minds. Designed for children aged 8 and above, this delightful kit combines artistic ingenuity with hands-on jewellery making.

Unleash their inner artist as they embroider intricate patterns onto a pristine white canvas using vibrant cotton threads and a needle. The creative journey doesn’t end there – the embroidered marvels are then transformed into exquisite jewellery pieces using the included accessories. The kit includes a comprehensive 32-page instruction booklet that guides them through every step of the process.

Give your child the gift of crafting and adornment in one, allowing them to create bespoke jewellery pieces that reflect their unique personality. From bracelets to necklaces, each piece becomes a wearable masterpiece that showcases their artistic flair.

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