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Introducing the 2-ZIP ANIMAL FACE PENCIL CASE MELIMELOS THE DEER, a must-have accessory for young explorers and creators. Designed to complement our deer-themed school bags, this double pencil case exudes charm and practicality in one.

Crafted from recycled polyester, this chic pencil case is more than just a storage solution—it’s a vessel for imagination. With two spacious compartments, it effortlessly accommodates an array of pens, pencils, and treasured trinkets, allowing your child to carry their essentials wherever they venture.

The adorable deer character adorning the front adds a playful touch that resonates with kids of all ages. Its expressive face sparks creativity and companionship, making it an ideal partner for school days and creative endeavours.

The active lifestyle of young minds requires durable companions, and this pencil case delivers. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity, keeping pace with your child’s adventures and discoveries.

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