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16″ Vintage Bicycle – Beige


Embark on a Timeless Journey with the 16″ Vintage Bicycle – Beige. Experience the allure of this classic bicycle as it elevates outdoor adventures. With its vintage aesthetics and elegant features, your child will traverse picturesque landscapes, crafting memories infused with nostalgia. Unleash your child’s wanderlust with the 16″ Vintage Bicycle – Beige.

Navigate through Timeless Escapades with the Vintage Bicycle! This beige 16″ retro-inspired bicycle boasts front and rear calliper brakes, pneumatic tires paired with spoked wheels, and chrome mudguards. It showcases removable stabilizers, an adjustable sprung saddle, and handlebars. The bicycle includes a rear carrier rack and a wicker-style basket at the front, completing the retro aesthetic. Geared towards ages 5 – 7 years, suitable for children measuring 110 – 120 cm in height.

Begin your journey and embrace an era of enduring grace and charm!

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